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07 May 2018

Definition, and Advance Care Planning

Discussion 1.1: Definition

Discussion 1.2: Advance Care Planning

Idea Theme 1: Advance Care Planning - Definition

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07 May 2018

National Hospice Palliative Care Week, and Consistent Access to Palliative Care

Discussion 2.1: The Bucket List

Discussion 2.2: Consistent Access to Palliative Care

Discussion 2.3: Innovations to Improve Access

Idea Theme 2.1: Consistent Access to Palliative Care

Idea Theme 2.2: Open ended

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22 May 2018

Patient and Family-Centred Care, People living with life threatening illness, and Caregiver Supports

Discussion 3.1: Person and Family-Centred Care – Meeting Individual Needs

Discussion 3.2: Person and Family-Centred Care – Self-Reflection

Discussion 3.3: Caregiver Challenges

Discussion 3.4: Caregiver Supports

Idea Theme 3: Person and Family-Centred Care, and people living with life-threatening illness

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04 June 2018

Special Populations

Discussion 4.1: Special Populations – Increasing Awareness

Discussion 4.2: Special Populations – Increasing Access

Idea Theme 4: Special Populations

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18 June 2018

Health Care Provider Education, Training and Supports

Discussion 5.1: Health Care Provider Training and Supports

Idea Theme 5: Health Care Provider Training and Supports

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03 July 2018

Community Engagement, and Grief and Bereavement

Discussion 6.1: Bereavement

Discussion 6.2: Community Engagement

Idea Theme 6: Compassionate Communities

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14 July 2018

Consultation Closed; Health Canada begins Drafting the Framework