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    Helen McElroy
    Director General @ Health Care Programs and Policy Directorate, Strategic Policy Branch, Health Canada

    Helen McElroy, Director General, Health Care Programs and Policy Directorate, Strategic Policy Branch, is supported by the End-of-Life Care team, which brings with them more than 35 years of experience in palliative care delivery, research and policy development, as well as intergovernmental and stakeholder relations.

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    Sharon Harper
    Director @ Policy Division

    Sharon Harper is the Director of Policy in the Health Care Programs and Policy Directorate. She has extensive experience in policy development, with a background in human rights, disability, home care, and end-of-life care.

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    Venetia Lawless
    Consultation Lead and Policy Manager

    Venetia has worked in the Health Portfolio for over a decade. Her experience ranges from looking at strategies to mitigate shortages in health care professionals across the country, to supporting intergovernmental and stakeholder relations. Having been a caregiver to her father when he received excellent palliative care, she realized she wanted to apply her policy development experience to this important file.

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    Julie Lachance
    Subject Matter Expert and Senior Policy Analyst @ End of Life Care Unit

    Julie is a Senior Policy Analyst
    who has focused on palliative and end-of-life care policy since 2003.
    From 1995 to 2003, Julie was a research associate with the Institute of
    Palliative Care, affiliated with what is now a 25-bed palliative care unit at
    Bruyère Continuing Care in Ottawa.

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