Moose Jaw, SK needs proper Palliative Care Faciity

by itsme,

My story is about my mom. She was diagnosed with Cancer and ended up in Palliative Care in Regina. We live in Moose Jaw (that is about an hour away with a population of about 36,000). Her two options were: First option was to stay in Moose Jaw where her family was (but she would be admitted to the hospital (or go to one of the nursing homes). None of which had any palliative care services. They called it palliative care, but I don't know how they can. It was really just a place to sit and die. The hospital here was awful. The level of care she got when she was admitted numerous other times was outrageous. She was in Moose Jaw a short time, when we decided to move her to the Palliative Care in the Regina Pasqua Hospital. This would be home for her for the next few weeks. The staff was great. They were so kind and gentle with mom. Treated her like a human being. So different from our experiences in Moose Jaw. It was only because I work for very kind people that I was able to take time off work to be with my mom (in a place where she was happy). Not everyone is able to do that. I don't know why Moose Jaw doesn't have trained Palliative Care Staff and a facility to accommodate it. We were able to stay in a room they have for family to stay in (only a couple rooms, so we took turns with other families), but it was no great to be able to stay there and have a shower and feel as close to home as it can be. Also there is a big kitchen and sitting room, so when family came down, we could all go down there to have meal and easier to visit away from other rooms to keep the noise down. I don't know how we would have went through this difficult time without the trained staff they had. I am so grateful for each and every one of them. They aren't only nurses... they have gone through specialty training to understand and help us with what we are dealing with. Moose Jaw.... get it together and do something for Moose Jaw and area. We really do need it!

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