Ken 2009

by Samsy,

I lost my husband in September of 2009.  He was diagnosed with terminal cancer in July of that year.  His health deteriorated quickly and at the age of 45 we were faced with the fact that he would not be around much longer.  By mid August he was losing his balance and was not eating well and after one final fall we agreed with the doctor to admit him to palliative care.  This was extremely scary and a harsh reality that the end was near.  The day we arrived at the hospital and the nurse that helped us was at first we thought a little harsh, not realizing that it was our emotions running high and also the circumstance.  As human beings we automatically assume we are the only ones going through this. He was dies approximately 3 weeks after he was hospitalized.  It was the hardest part of my life but having been in palliative care some how made it easier.  The nursing staff were amazing, the volonteers exceptional, the doctors again, amazing.  I spent everyday at the hospital, the comfort, the kitchen, the extra bed, and mainly the compassion was top notch.  For a place that I wouldn't want anyone to be I would highly recommend taking the help if this comes across in your life.  Not only do they provide the medical attention you get so much more!  It is important that we keep such places going, death is a fact of life, how we prepare for it is most important and Palliative care is an important part!  We need to keep working at this!!

Thank you!

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