I was a young caregiver for my mother who had stage 4 cancer

by PsatCaregiver,

Just over a decade ago, my 62 year old mother was diagnosed with advanced breast cancer.

My sister and I became her primary caregivers. She was 29 and I was 30. It was hard to find emotional support because or friends were getting married or having babies and while they cared about our situation many could not relate.

For about 6 months doctors tried to treat Mom with chemo but her cancer did not respond. My Mom’s only wish was to die at home. My sister and I along with a few aunts made her wish happen and the help of palliative nursing support from the CCAC in Ontario and a family physician. The support we received was wonderful. My experience taught me the value of palliative and how important it is to advocate that others who need it receive access to this type of care.

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