Divine Intervention

by joannevictoria,

My Mother, in her mid-70s, had been on dialysis for end stage renal failure for almost a year. Dialysis was a very painful experience that robbed her of all quality of life. I spent a great deal of time with my Mom, as her caregiver and power of attorney. One day while just wandering around the hospital my Mom was now living in I decided to check out the Palliative Care Unit. I discovered a wonderful place and way to spend one's last days.  Shortly after that, my Mom decided to no longer take dialysis treatments as it was too painful and so futile for her. I was so grateful that I had stumbled upon the palliative care unit. I met with her doctors and advised them of her decision to stop dialysis. After they had confirmed this with her through hand gestures (she had also had a major stroke), we regrouped. I requested that my Mom go to palliative care but the doctors said that it was only for terminal cancer patients. I was devastated as life for my Mom on the ward was horrid, and in a state of dying, I could only envision even more indignity, disrespect and heavy handedness. While I was in my Mom's room with her, crying, who should walk by in the hall but the Director of Palliative Care. I ran out after her, and sobbing told her that my Mom was not allowed to go to palliative care because she didn't have cancer. The Director was shocked as this was not true at all. She immediately took matters under her wing and within hours my Mom was transferred to palliative care. For a few days our family had the great blessing of sharing God's waiting room with my Mom. It was everything that person at the end-stage of life should be afforded to go gracefully and without any pain.

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