Discussion 6.1: Caregivers and caregiver supports, Grief and Bereavement

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A caregiver, carer or family caregiver is a person who takes on an unpaid caring role for someone who needs help because of a physical or cognitive condition, an injury or a chronic life-limiting illness.

  • One in four Canadians are caregivers – 54% are women, and 46% are men

  • 50% of caregivers are between the ages of 45 and 65 (their peak earning years)

  • 6.1 million caregivers are juggling caring for loved ones and their careers

  • Caregivers in Canada spent over $12 million in 1 year on expenses related to their caregiving role

    (Carers Canada http://www.carerscanada.ca/carer-facts)

What practices are in place in your organization to support caregivers as important members of the health care team?

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